Wooken Auto Part Manufacturer offer a wide range of automotive engines,for example 465, 474, B12,CB10. It is mainly applicable to WULING, DFM SOKON, SUZUKI, CHANA, PO CHUN,LIFAN, SAIL, especially for WULING and DFM SOKON.
The quality of the engine assy we produce is good and the power is strong. The cylinder body of the automobile engine produced by our company uses cast iron and cast aluminum, 4 cylinder, with timing system. Some parts of car engine adopt VVT variable intake timing system with chain drive.
We put quality in important position, Select each assembly component , in order to make the customer more assured. We put professional fit clearance technology into effect, 155 key fit clearances, high standard improvement of engine performance. 288 engine drawings, every detail seeks perfection. 410 key dimensions, make the size more accurate and the working condition more stable. 637 production process, strict control of quality to make customers more assured.
In addition, we have more than 20 years experiences in car engine, so that the engine assy we produced is quality promised, low return rate, large stock have capability to provide a large range of parts with competitive price. Above all, the company also offers a warranty period of 6 months.

1KZ cylinder head OEM 908880 1110169126 1110169128 1kz-TE cast iron cylinder head assembly
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