Wooken Auto Part Manufacturer offer various types of bearings, for example Linear guide bearing, self aligning roller bearing, spherical roller bearing, Taper roller bearing, Wheel hub bearing. Widely used in industry, large machinery, transportation and other fields.
The quality of the bearing we produce is good, strictly screened, not easily deformed, long life, strong composite ability, low friction, low noise and high quality dustproof.
We put quality in important position, Select each assembly component , in order to make the customer more assured. It integrates scientific research, design, production and marketing. It has car processing, heat treatment, grinding, assembly and other workshops. The company is the main supporting unit of leading automobile enterprises, such as the famous automobile oil pump, the automobile tightening wheel and so on. It is a long-term partner of China's famous washing machine and air conditioning industry, and is one of the professional units that are equipped with the international famous forklift bearings.
In addition our company is the governing unit of the China Bearing Industry Association. The company has more than 250 professional personnel, and has a strong ability to develop, design, develop and produce bearings. Have more than 20 new utility model patents.

Wheel hub bearing DSC 4140 fit for automobile and motor vehicle
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